The Architects of Change

The Founders

The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) is the family foundation of the family line of Don Ramon Aboitiz. Established in 1966, RAFI continues to elevate lives of people in the Visayas and Mindanao.
Ramon Aboitiz​
Eduardo J. Aboitiz​
Roberto E. Aboitiz
Jon Ramon Aboitiz


Humble Beginnings

The story begins with a man named Ramon Aboitiz.

He was born in a time of possibilities. The opening of the Philippines to world trade in the mid-nineteenth century had created conditions of social stress as well as new economic opportunities. In the southern province of Leyte, global trade stimulated the commercial cultivation of hemp, sugar, and other agricultural products. There was a small but dynamic network of Spanish planters, merchants, and entrepreneurs. One of these Spaniards was the mariner Paulino Aboitiz (1850-1912), a farmer’s son in the Basque province of Vizcaya, Spain, who came to the Philippines in the 1870s. In Leyte, he set about to build a modest fortune, married Spanish mestiza Emilia Yrastorza, and raised ten children in the values of hard work and family solidarity.

  1. 1887
  2. 1903
  3. 1910
  4. 1920
  5. 1966
  6. 1967
  7. 1970
  8. 1973
  9. 1974
  10. 1975
  11. 1976
  12. 1980
  13. 1983
  14. 1984
  15. 1985
  16. 1988
  17. 1989
  18. 1991
  19. 1996
  20. 2007
  21. 2010
  22. 2020 to present

Our Brand

Our Mission

We are Architects of Change, elevating the dignity of man who implement solutions that enable people to achieve higher levels of wellbeing.

Our Vision

Touching People, Shaping the Future

Our Core Values

G - God-Centeredness

I - Integrity

R - Respect

S - Service

Our Attributes

Role Model – leading communities to sustained change and results by utilizing best practices, exploring innovative solutions, and setting an example to other development partners by promoting theirwork and causes.

Collaborative – adhering to an inclusive process as a venue for sharing knowledge to gather the best resources, and providing opportunities to establish partnerships.

Holistic – conceptualizing programs that look into multi-issues and draw comprehensive solutions, according to the Foundation’s and the partners’ resources, with the end of empowering people.

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Architects of Change, elevating the dignity of man through solutions that enable people to achieve higher levels of well-being.

Bugsay Philosophy®

The term Bugsay is the Cebuano word for paddle… “A short oar that propels”. Every person in this world is given a Bugsay® – these are the internal resources that give us the power to direct our own destiny. You can power (paddle) yourself toward your chosen destiny, be sidetracked, remain motionless or move around in circles without any focus or direction. It is a personal choice. One must have the right attitudes, and have a clear view of one’s goals in life. One must be fully aware of this freedom to choose, and to consciously direct one’s life.


Board of Trustees

Mikel Alberto Aboitiz
Chairman of the Board
Carlos Ramon Aboitiz
Vice Chairman
Ma. Cristina Aboitiz
Amaya Cristina Aboitiz-Fansler
Sofia Isabel Aboitiz
Atty. Manuel S. Go
Fr. Ernesto Javier S. J.
Dominica B. Chua

The Board Committees

Mikel Alberto Aboitiz
RAFI and RMF Executive Committee, Investment Committee
Carlos Ramon Aboitiz
Executive Committee, Chairman for Risk and Audit Committee
Ma. Cristina Aboitiz
Executive Committee
Amaya Cristina Aboitiz-Fansler
Executive Committee
Eduardo Alfred Aboitiz
RAFI and RMF Executive Committee, Audit Committee
Sofia Isabel Aboitiz
Executive Committee
Dominica B. Chua
Executive Committee, Risk and Investment Committee
Ana Maria Aboitiz-Delgodo
RMF Executive Committee, Investment Committee
Tristan Roberto Aboitiz
Risk Committee
David Mikel Aboitiz
RMF Executive Committee, Risk and Audit Committee

Program Chairs

Mikel Alberto Aboitiz
RAFI Micro-Finance Inc. Executive Committee Chair
Amaya Cristina Aboitiz – Fansler
RAFI Education and Development, Center for Leaders, and Dolores Aboitiz Children's Fund Executive Committee Chair
David Mikel Aboitiz
RAFI One to Tree Executive Committee Chair
Sofia Isabel Aboitiz
RAFI Culture and Heritage Unit Executive Committee Chair
Eduardo Alfred Aboitiz
Infrastructure Executive Committee Chair

RAFI Programs Management

Amaya Cristina Aboitiz – Fansler
President and Chief Executive Officer
Riella Mae Christa Guioguio
Chief Operating Officer
Jonar Dorado
Chief Operating Officer for RAFI Micro-finance Inc.
Marie Sol Gonzalvo
Executive Director for Center for Leaders
Anthony Dignadice
Executive Director for One to Tree
Florencio Moreno II
Manager and Curator for Casa Gorordo Museum
Haidee Palapar
Research and Publications Manager for RAFI Culture and Heritage
Jenny Lea Menchavez
Junior Executive Director for RAFI Dolores Aboitiz Children's Fund
Ronald delos Reyes
Program Coordinator for RAFI Eduardo J. Aboitiz Cancer Center

Corporate Shared Service Management

Carlos Khan
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Godinez
Chief People Officer
Edwin Marfil
Chief Technology Officer
Estee Marie Plunket
AVP - Brand Development Group
Miraflor Enecio
AVP - Business Excellence
Julian Valdueza

Governance Team

Ramonchito Jaca
Chief Audit Executive
Atty. Jasmine Cuizon
Chief Compliance Officer
Pet John Rom
Credit ,Fraud & Security Risk and Business Continuity Manager
Warren Tompong
Enterprise Risk Manager


Grant and Awards

With the goal of uplifting human dignity and leading community transformation, we provide two grant-giving programs for eligible institutions with initiatives that address community and children-related issues:

  • RAFI Development Fund, for programs or interventions that address marginalized or vulnerable sectors of the youth and adult population
  • Dolores S. Aboitiz Children’s Fund, for programs or interventions that address the issues of children


Instititional Development and Planning

RAFI is also capable of institutional development and planning. In fact, we have initiatives geared towards Community Organizing and Capability Building.

Through our dynamic community organizers who are equipped to carry out RAFI’s collaborative and holistic model of organizing communities, we bring our programs closer to the grassroots.

Meanwhile, our Capability Building efforts are focus on enhancing the capacities of individuals to acquire or enhance knowledge and skills, develop character and build their competence to effectively carry out their functions and cultivate proper attitudes and behaviors.

For more information about our Institutional Development and Planning initiatives, contact us today.


Community Organizing, one of the capabilities of RAFI, follows this model:

  • Community Integration Phase. This is the period when community organizers immerse themselves in the community and serve as a conduit between the community and the people who want to help them.
  • Social Preparation and Awakening Phase. This is the time when community organizers mobilize, prepare, and set the tone for the social transformation process to take place in the community.
  • Empowerment Phase. This is the phase when strong and functional individuals are developed as partners and active participants in the community’s development process.
  • Sustainability Phase. This period involves consolidation and assessment of all the development inputs poured into the community as well as installation of sustainability mechanisms geared towards comprehensive community development.

We applied this model in these communities, to name a few:

  • Kobe Resettlement Site
  • Bajau Integrated Area Development Program
  • SM CaresVillage
  • HWA

For more information about how we organize and empower communities, contact us.

Capability Building

Apart from empowering communities, RAFI also empowers individuals, public and private institutions, people’s organizations, and young people by enhancing their capacities.

We do this through training, seminars, fora and other similar opportunities to help them acquire or enhance knowledge and skills, develop character and build their competence to effectively carry out their functions and cultivate proper attitudes and behaviors.

Contact us for more information about our Capability Building initiatives.

Knowledge Sharing & Advocacy

Knowledge Sharing is one of RAFI’s capabilities, as clearly manifested in these two programs:

• Pagtuki

By regularly doing these, we get closer to the communities we serve, helping them tackle and address pressing issues and make informed choices.

For more information about how we share knowledge and information, contact us.


The Pagtuki is a radio program aired at dyLA at 10-11 a.m. every Saturday,featuring different RAFI programs and community issues in a holistic and non-adversarial manner.

This radio program aims to:

  • discuss relevant societal and social development issues along RAFI’s advocacies;
  • guide the public to make informed decisions; and
  • bring RAFI’s programs closer to the community.

Every last Saturday of the month, Pagtuki discusses the latest topics in the news.

Here are some of our memorable episodes:

  • March 28, 2015: Igo pa bang tubig?
  • January 10, 2015: Sinulog, kagahapon ug karon
  • November 1, 2014: Likod sa Kalag-kalag

Tune in to dyLA every Saturday morning and take the proactive part by joining in our discussions. For more information, contact us.