2021 First Half Accomplishments

Posted 3 months ago
2021 first half accomplishment

Big Wins because of you!

We had big wins for the first half of 2021 and we could not have accomplished these without your help. Here’s a quick round up of what we’ve accomplished in the first half of the year.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the RAFI Humanitarian Disaster Preparedness and Response (RAFI HDPR) program has been hard at work providing extensive assistance and support to local government units and organizations. For the first half of 2021, it has provided over 8,000+ PPEs to frontline workers and supported 450 COVID-19 patients.

RAFI HDPR continues to promote COVID-19 vaccination and supports the massive vaccination rollout in Metro Cebu. It has provided Php. 1.4M in medical equipment, supplies, and IT equipment to the NOAH Mega Vaccination Center. It has released several vaccination campaigns, including the Badjao Vaccination Jingle, 14 Bakuna Series Videos with doctors, post-vaccination videos, and a special vaccination music video.

The team also worked closely with local government units in its massive information and education campaign with barangay health workers, having trained 1,256 BHWs and other frontliners for the first half of 2021.

Under its preparedness initiatives, it was provided Capacity Building through Basic Life Support and First Aid Accreditation to 48 DRRM responders from the LGUs of Ginatilan, Samboan, Oslob, Boljoon, and Alcoy.

To encourage more people to become biodiversity champions,RAFI One to Tree (RAFI OTT) has partnered with GCash to allow more people to plant trees virtually. It has also opened more B2C channels like GavaGives, BSM, Shopee, Econvert, Evergrocer, and Frankie and Friends. For the first half of 2021, RAFI OTT has booked 626,720 seedlings. 

The program has engaged 518 farmers in Cebu and Davao for plantation maintenance and the production of 509,290 seedlings. For the first half of 2021, it has achieved a 93% survival rate for seedlings planted in the past 2 years. It has also partnered with 11 people’s organization and 7 local government units.

To help reduce malnutrition in Cebu City by 30% in 2023, RAFI-DACF, CCNN Partner for Child Nutrition Advocacies

The RAFI Dolores Aboitiz Children’s Fund (DACF) continues to enable communities to champion for children to reach their full potential. Through its Grants for Health and Nutrition program, 2,297 have benefited from its grants program and 1,709 children have increased nutritional status. Earlier in the year, RAFI DACF, together with the Cebu City Nutrition Council, led the establishment of the Cebu City Nutrition Network (CCNN). The CCNN aims to reduce the number of malnourished children aged 0-59 months in Cebu City by 30% by 2023. 

Through its grants for early education program, RAFI DACF has worked with local government units and organizations in promoting early childhood education. For the first half of the year, it has reached 562 children in 3 communities through its grants program. 

The RAFI Eduardo J. Cancer Center (RAFI EJACC) was hard at work coordinating with local government units in the promotion of cancer advocacy and building the capacity of rural health units’ ability to carry out cancer screening.

For the first half of 2021, RAFI EJACC has screened 4,585 beneficiaries, working closely with 20 local government units and 22 private clinics. It has provided extensive treatment assistance to 33 patients.

Local Government Units and their rural health units play a key role in promoting cancer awareness and providing access to cancer screening and treatment procedures. RAFI EJACC has assisted 14 LGUs in the drafting and release of their local cancer ordinance.

The RAFI Education Development Unit (RAFI EDU) continues to build hope throughout the pandemic. Classrooms under the School Rebuild Program are at close to 50% completion with 36 classrooms slated to be turned over this year and 42 classroom on the first half of 2022.

The first half of 2021 was filled with hope and inspiration as the RAFI EDU held its first Seal of Excellence in Education Development (SEED) Grants Expo to showcase the impact of the SEED Grants among the various top schools in Cebu. Best practices of the top 10 elementary and secondary schools were presented, sharing stories of hope and inspiration. A total of Php. 6.8M worth of grant prizes have also been released to the SEED 2019 top schools.

The RAFI Center for Leaders (RAFI CFL) provides learning and development programs that equip leaders and enable communities through safe, world-class, powerful learning experiences.

As of June 2021, the RAFI CFL has equipped 4,292 leadersengaged 126 clients, and conducted 123 virtual learning sessions. For the first half of 2021, RAFI CFL achieved an overall course effectiveness score of 94.1%, proving its outstanding course quality.

It also launched its RAFI CFL Youth Community, as part of its alumni engagement activities. It hosts regular #WaterBottleSessions with guests and CFL alumni. Check out one of their sessions here.

For the first half of 2021, the RAFI Culture and Heritage Unit (RAFI CHU) has released a video series featuring the different towns of Cebu through its Sugbu-bitful Series. Get a glimpse of the beautiful stories and history of the different towns in Cebu. It also released Handurawan: Cebuano Folklore for Children which highlights myths, legends and folk tales from Cebu and the Visayas region, and aims to educate kids aged four to seven years old about local folk literature.

The Casa Gorordo Museum continues to promote Cebuano culture and heritage virtually by offering the first virtual museum tour in Cebu. If you miss visiting your favorite museum, check out our Virtual Casa Gorordo Museum and explore the different house traditions and practices. The Maria Cacao Online Exhibit, has also been launched this year. The exhibit is based on the book “Maria Cacao sa Siglo 21” with the text written by Haidee Palapar and art by Josua Cabrera.

The Gabii sa Kabilin One Night Only was a big hit earlier this year, offering a special from dusk ‘til midnight virtual tour featuring presentations from 16 museums and heritage sites.

It conducts monthly Gabii sa Kabiliin webinars. Check out our most recent Gabii sa Kabilin 2021 Webinar with National Artist for Literature Dr. Resil B. Mojares.

For the first half of the year, the RAFI Micro-Finance (RAFI MFI) was able to serve over 500,000 clients with 362,000 borrowers. Through its services, it was able to touch more than 2.5M lives. RAFI MFI remains committed to serve more clients as it opened 36 new branches and 3 new extension offices in the first half of the year, bringing its total branch count to 255 across the Philippines.

Through its Tindahan ni Nanay (TNN), RAFI MFI continues to support micro-entrepreneurs. For the first half of the year, the group has 4,219 TNN members and was able to generate Php. 3.4M in sales, supporting 160 merchants.

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