It Takes a Community to Grow Trees: RAFI One To Tree Partners with Cebu Landmasters, Inc. And JCI Cebu Sinulog

Posted 2 months ago

Trees. These nature-based, climate change-fighting heroes are doing the hard work every day to keep our planet healthy. However, as time goes by, their numbers continue to dwindle leaving communities vulnerable to calamities. To address the growing concern of deforestation, Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. – One to Tree (RAFI-OTT) unit has been proactive in its efforts to advance tree planting as a viable solution to promote biodiversity. But as it turns out, it takes a community to grow trees and rebuild our forests. 

Having said that, part of RAFI-OTT’s efforts is to partner with different organizations that hold similar goals with the company. Recently, OTT (One To Tree) has collaborated with Cebu Landmasters Inc. (CIL) and JCI Cebu Sinulog to launch various tree growing campaigns.  

The latter partnership currently utilizes digital technology to scale up the reforestation project. Through its Puno ng Pag-asa program, RAFI-OTT and JCI Cebu Sinulog allow virtual tree growing for JCI members and biodiversity champions from all over the Philippine to purchase seedlings from RAFI Flagship Lazada store. At the end of this year, JCI Cebu Sinulog aims to virtually plant 100,000 trees in the hopes of establishing one native tree nursery in Cebu.  

On the other hand, CLI and RAFI-OTT teamed up for its Native Tree Growing Project. This initiative is a means to promote conservation of the remaining forest cover in the Province of Cebu by encouraging nearby communities to protect and rehabilitate the environment. Within the next four and a half years, the Filipino community will be able to witness the planting of 229,836 native trees of distinct kinds in various locations of VisMin area.  

Moving beyond the environmental benefits of growing trees, One to Tree’s initiative also pays attention to the social implications of its programs. Through its partnerships with different organizations, RAFI-OTT actively provides jobs and supports the livelihoods of our farmers while continuously championing for biodiversity.  

Are you ready to take part in our reforestation journey? Grow a tree with us! For more information on the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. – One  To  Tree (RAFI-OTT) program, visit,, or 

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