In a small town located away from the city, a family can only find comfort in living through limited resources such as agriculture. Dulcesima Java, found ways to feed her family through farming. Dulcesima is a Nanaypreneur living in Sangi, Sudlon 1, Cebu. She is a mother to 5 children and a wife to Victor Java, who was previously a tricycle driver in their barangay.

They had a small farm that was used for their own consumption. Unfortunately, it was not enough. She had difficulties in providing as her children was growing and soon enough needed to be schooled. Being in the farming business, Dulcesima has encountered struggles in their production. “Among uma sauna kay sige’g kabyaan, dili baya pirmente nay ani makuha. Sauna nag-eskwela akong anak, lisod kaayo nakaingon gyud ko na paundangon siya kay akong bana habal-habal driver ra pud. Among konsumo ma short mi. Katong pag 2005, naabot ang mga taga-RAFI diri kay nay assembly sa gym, ug didto niapil ko. (Our farm was usually not attended to, since it’s not all the time that we have crops. When my children went to school, it was really a rough time. I really thought my children will not finish school because my husband was just a habal-habal driver. The income was not enough. When 2005 came, RAFI was having an assembly at the gym, and there I joined).

With the money she acquired from RAFI Micro-finance, she was able to boost her business. She knew that farming was not enough since the crops would take time to grow, so she found ways to deliver a more efficient way which is through selling. As she said, RAFI Micro-finance has given her the chance to elevate their lives. “Arang2 na gyud akong kinabuhi sukad naka-apil ko sa RMF, sauna, walay siguro lage ug mapa eskwela ba nako akong mga anak. Sa diha na nga nag RAFI nako, nakahuman gyud silang tulo. (Ever since I joined RAFI MFI, it instantly changed our life. Because of RAFI MFI my children were able to graduate and finish school).

She started with a Php 5000 loan and has used it as capital to buy vegetables that she was able to sell in the areas of Carbon, Tabunok, Lutopan and Pardo. Along with his children and husband, they strived to widen their range and be able to sell separately amongst the street. But with this success, she experienced hardships also. They had to ride a stranger’s multicab to go to the city, and wait for it to come back so that they can go home. “Sauna bag o pa ko wala mi’y sakyanan, lisod kaayo kay musakay rami ug pasahero-an, dili mi maka-ditso sa kung asa mi gusto mamaligya, kung panahon na sa tig-uli, maghuwat mig truck nga ug kanus-a mularga. (When we started, we didn’t have our own car so we had to commute. It was hard because we can’t go directly to our selling area and we had to adjust to the time when the bus would come and pick up passengers).

But Dulcesima didn’t stop there. With the money she has gained and pursued, she has bought three private vehicles, a newly renovated house with the help of RAFI-MFI’s Housing Improvement loan, along with the construction of her sari-sari store which is now managed by his son, the farm has now grown bigger and well taken care of by his husband, and an upcoming karenderya that she is planning to put up in the near future.

The success that she has now, will not be made possible without her perseverance and dedication to her business. “Kugi lang gyud ug paningkamot, apilan sad ug pag-ampo sa Ginoo. Focus lang sa negosyo, ang atong gi loan na kwarta di nato gastuon ug lain, kay ug atong gastuon ug lain kita ra gyud ang magkalisod. Disciplina sa kaugalingon ug atimanon gyud pirmente ang negosyo. Pasalamat gyud ko sa RAFI, kay kung wala pa ang RAFI wala gyud mi maka angat sa among panginabuhian, RAFI ang maoy gahatag namo ug puhunan, karon mao ni akong source sa among panginabuhian. (Let’s continue to perservere, and of course pray to God. We need to focus on our business and be disciplined enough to not use the money on other things so that we know what our priorities are and it will not ruin our credibility. I’m so thankful to RAFI MFI because if it weren’t for them, we would not be where we are now. They gave me and my family a source of income and a more comfortable life).” She has not forgotten to give back. Now she’s currently selling at a Church in Pardo, where she gives vegetables for the church’s use. Dulcesima also tries and help her fellow neighbors when they’re in need.

Beyond all of this – is a stronger belief to be better, and to be better is to strive even though life gets in the way. As for Dulcesima Java, she has found the way to success in her own terms, and that is through growing.



The Microfinance Program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI-MFI) provides financial and non-financial services to micro-entrepreneurs with a mission of elevating lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities through stable and rewarding livelihood.

Through the test of time, one can only find hope through an opportunity. As for our Nanaypreneur in Minglanilla, Ailyn Formata, decided to take the leap of faith to pursue her business in producing locally-made products from pandan leaves, rattan at abacca.

As a designer from a previous company that makes bags, she had the idea of producing her own. Through her passion and dedication to leave her job and pursue her own business, she looked for raw materials here in Cebu because she wanted it to be locally-made. During the year 2016, she was able to jumpstart her business.

Nanay Ailyn’s business became a hit. She started to market her products outside Cebu, specifically in Bohol, Siargao and Boracay. About that time, she needed help in weaving and sewing her products, so she immediately asked centers and barangays for Nanays who don’t have sources of income, to come work for her and serve its purpose to help others through giving them a job.

Her perseverance to continue on the business, changed their life. “Dako kaayo ug tabang namo sa among financial nga aspeto kay dili man pirme akong bana maka sustenar namo ug gusto ko mutabang pud niya. Bisag lisod tong una nga pagpangita ug mga mupalit sa akong mga product ug pag-market niya sa mga hotels and resort, eventually ni stable ra siya. Dako kog pasalamat sa akong mga sewers and weavers na nitabang nako para mahitabo ni. (It was a big help to our family especially when my husband can’t sustain all our needs, so I wanted to help him. Even though at first it was hard to find buyers and market in hotels and resorts, eventually it became stable. I am grateful for my sewers and weavers who helped in making this happen)”. Nanay Ailyn said on how she has achieved what she has now.

Then the pandemic came. The business stopped due to the fact that her target market, which are hotels and resorts, were closed and she was unable to supply them with her products. She had items stalled in her shop, and it was hard for her to sustain her Nanays because there were no incoming orders. “Devastated kaayo ko. Amoang gi-kapital kay rolling ra, gikan sa bayad sa hotel namo if naa silay mahalin kay consignment man, hantod sa pagpalit sa among mga raw materials para ihimo nasad ug lain ug ibayad sa akong mga empleyado. Tungod sa pandemic wala mi nakabaligya, wala jud miy halin bisan pa ug nagpadala mig mga items sa mga hotels and resorts. (I was devastated. It’s because our capital was just rolling, when the hotels pay us from our consignment, up until we buy new raw materials to make more items and pay our employees. Because of the pandemic, we did not sell anything even though we kept on producing items and sending it to our partners)”.

Despite the effort to sustain the business, it became hard for her to bounce back. While she was scrolling through Facebook, she came across the official Facebook page of RAFI Micro-finance, Inc. and was instantly interested to join. She went to the Minglanilla branch and decided to join during the year (2020). She was offered the Small Business Loan, with the loan amount of Php 50,000. Nanay Ailyn bought her raw materials to help her business through offering newer designs and by changing her target market to go online. Slowly, she regained her old clients and they begin ordering again.

Nanay Ailyn did not give up. She strived to offer more products and market online to get new clients. “Think positive lang gyud pirme. Ang pag-negosyo dili ni para sa mga weak hearted. Kay ug dibdibon gyud ning mga panghitabo ron, naa juy possibility na maganahan ta muundang. Makabangon ragyud ta sa saktong panahon, ayaw lang mo kawala sa inyong paglaom. Perseverance and discipline lang jud sa imong kaugalingon. Huna-hunaon nato atong goal ngano gibuhat ta ni, usa sa akong rason na magpadayun kay tabangan ang akong mga Nanays na walay panginabuhi, may nalang makakaon sila. (Always think positive. Being in a business in not for the weak-hearted. We will rise from this hardship, so don’t lose hope. Always stay disciplined and persevere. Let’s remember our goal on why we do this, just like mine, I aim to help my Nanays who don’t have a source on income”). She may be far from how it was before; she says she is slowly getting there.

Although she is relatively new in RAFI MFI. Her mind became much more open to newer and broader opportunities. “Daghang salamat ninyo RAFI MFI, kay gitabangan ko ninyo sa pagbangon sa akong negosyo labi na karon na nay pandemya. Hinaot na magpadayun atong relasyon duha ug dungan ta sa atong paglambo. (Thank you so much RAFI MFI, because you helped me and my business bounce back especially this time of the pandemic. I hope that our relationship will grow and continue to prosper)”.

When opportunity arises, a Nanaypreneur like Ailyn Formata will never back down. With her immense mission to serve and help the community through her locally-made products, she will always have the hope and dedication to continue her journey to elevating her life and the people around her.



The Microfinance Program of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI-MFI) provides financial and non-financial services to micro-entrepreneurs with a mission of elevating lives of the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities through stable and rewarding livelihood.