With “supertyphoon” Yolanda predicted to likely heavily affect Cebu, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) yesterday readied five teams that would scour all parts of the province, including the islands, for a rapid assessment immediately after the typhoon shall have struck.

The teams would make a quick sweep of the municipalities and cities of Cebu, chiefly by coordinating with the respective Disaster Risk Reduction Management Councils, to come up with the field situations and identification of worst-hit areas that would serve as basis for the foundation in the distribution of relief packs that would soon follow.

Upon the instruction of RAFI President Roberto “Bobby” Aboitiz, Chief Operating Officer Dominica B. Chua yesterday met all employees of the foundation and organized them into different committees instrumental in the fast procurement of needed goods and deployment of necessary personnel for the distribution.

While everyone is praying that Cebu would be spared, Chua said RAFI is preparing so it can immediately help just in case Cebu would be hit, especially that Yolanda is being compared to supertyphoon Ruping that ravaged Cebu in Nov. 13, 1990.

“What we are prioritizing is the rapid deployment of assessment teams to get the basic information from the municipalities and cities. The teams’ reports would serve as basis as to which places RAFI would go to first,” Chua said.

Also, RAFI’s fourth batch of relief packs numbering 1,051 arrived in Bohol yesterday after being delayed because sea-going vessels were barred from leaving port the past days because of the typhoon.

The packs are the last batch RAFI would send to Bohol, as it would now shift its focus on the rehabilitation and reconstruction of schools damaged or destroyed by the earthquake last Oct. 15.

RAFI already got the verbal commitment from Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto for the Provincial Government to provide counterpart resources to the RAFI project.





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