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Media Release: RAFI declares winners of Gabii sa Kabilin blogging contest



How I discovered Pilita Corrales in Cebu
By Stanley L. Cabigas |

I put on the headphones, searched for the song’s title, clicked PLAY when I found it, listened with anticipation and in a few seconds, I was brought to music heaven. Her voice was soulful, delicate yet evocative, as if she was singing especially for me. Matud nila, ako dili angay…

Pilita Corrales, mestiza, mother of Jackie Lou Blanco and Monching Christopher, Cebuana and celebrated singer. For me, she was always the backbending songbird that I used to see on TV many years ago. But that night, during Cebu’s 2012 Gabii sa Kabilin (Night of Heritage), I just discovered THE Pilita Corrales, the siren whom many men adored. Read more…



Are You Cebuano Enough?
By Maria Rowena Getutua |

So you have this “I ♥ Cebu” tee. You’ve eaten dried mangoes and visited the Magellan’s Cross a million times. But did you know in exactly which places in Cebu you can see Rizal’s clothings or the original KKK flag? Perhaps you did. But for me, I’ve only learned it last May 25, 2012. Read more…



Proud Past: Land of Kings & Heroes
By Vernon Go |

Before the Philippines was invaded by Spaniards and others, our humble Island of Cebu or Sugbu has been ruled over by Rajahs or Kings; our ancestors (1st Hero: Rajah Lapu-Lapu & Humabon) made the first and only successful resistance to the mighty Spaniards who tried & failed the 1st time to conquer our proud people & land. Read more…



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